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10 of the best Christmas gifts for little boys

Christmas is a magical time for everyone, but especially for children. Whether they want the latest toy, or something related to their favorite movies, there’s no better time to treat them than the holidays. When it comes to picking the best gifts for little boys this festive season, we’ve got you covered.

1. Disney and Marvel

Where to get it: Disney
Price range: $15-$500

Whether he’s a Disney fan or idolizes Iron Man and the Avengers, a Disney gift card will help him pick up the latest merchandise, costumes and soft toys from his favorite movies. With gifts to suit fans of all ages from across all its franchises, including Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars, there’s never been an easier way to bring him closer to the Hollywood magic he loves.

2. Toys with wheels

Where to get it: Macy's, Khol's
Price range: $1-$500

Trucks, cars, trains, you name it, little boys usually love it. A new vehicle to race around the living room floor is sure to be high up on the list of desired Christmas gifts for your family. With a gift card for Macy’s, they can choose from simple wooden sets from around $20 right up to big name brand sets like Hot Wheels that can cost up to $50.

3. Building blocks

Where to get it: Kohl’s, Target
Price range: $1-$500

Building blocks are a great way for kids to learn about shapes, colors and creativity, making them a fab gift idea for Christmas. Little boys between 0-3 might prefer a simple set of wooden building blocks that they can play with, while older boys might want something with more direction, like Lego or K’NEX. You can find a wide range of building block sets in department stores like Kohl’s and Target.

4. Christmas pajamas

Where to get it: The Children’s Place, Baby GAP
Price range: $10-$500

Nothing beats getting snug on the sofa with a festive family movie and a cozy pair of pajamas at the end of Christmas Day. Make sure they really feel the Christmas spirit with a brand-new pair of festive pjs. The brand and design will often determine the price of your chosen Christmas comfies. For example, a thick, plaid pair might cost a little more than a thinner pair with a novelty design.

5. A big day out

Where to get it: Groupon, Boondocks Fun Center
Price range: $10-$250

Let them blow off some steam with a grand day out. Send them on a fun-filled trip to the zoo courtesy of a fantastic Groupon deal or a day of arcade fun and food at their nearest Boondocks Fun Center. It’s the perfect way for them to enjoy their weekend once the holidays are over and it’s time to go back to school. Trips with Groupon will start at around $10 depending on your location.

6. Arts and crafts sets

Where to get it: Pottery Barn Kids, Michaels
Price range: $25-$200

If you know a little boy who loves to get messy and creative, then arts and crafts sets are a great gift idea for Christmas. You can get kits with specific items to paint or create, or simply pick a collection of crafting materials to fuel their own designs. From paint to pipe cleaners and sequins to stickers, Pottery Barn Kids and Michaels both provide some fantastic crafting inspiration.

7. Personalized water bottle

Where to get it: eBay
Price range: $25-$200

When the holidays are over and it’s time to go back to school, a personalized water bottle is a great gift for them to show off to all their friends. eBay gives you access to thousands of independent sellers who will personalize your little boy’s drinks bottle with their name or with a quirky pattern they’ll love. You’ll be able to get bottle with drip and spill-resistant straws for younger kids, or a screw-top bottle for slightly older and less clumsy boys.

8. Ice cream treats

Where to get it: Graeter’s, Cold Stone
Price range: $10-$100

Just because it’s cold, doesn’t mean little boys stop loving ice cream. A gift card for their favorite ice cream parlor is the perfect way to treat them to their favorite chilled dessert and possibly spend some quality time together too. Build memories and satisfy their sweet tooth at the same time with a sundae at Graeter’s or a bowl of ice cream at Cold Stone.

9. A new outfit

Where to get it: Baby GAP, Nordstrom
Price range: $25-$500

The festive season is packed full of great part opportunities, whether it’s a family Christmas meal or a celebration to bring in the new year. Help them feel a million dollars with a new outfit to wear for the holidays. Whether you go for a new shirt, a fancy pair of trousers or a full outfit, you’ll be helping them feel their best.

10. Board games

Where to get it: Macy’s, Target
Price range: $10-$500

There’s nothing quite like the joy on their faces when they reach victory in the family board game tournament. Whether they’re old enough to enjoy classics like chess and checkers, or are taking their first steps into games with new favorites like Pop the Pig, you’ll find a great range to suit all ages in department stores like Macy’s and Target.


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