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10 Best Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Gifts

At gift-giving times like birthdays and holidays, it’s easy to feel inundated with things we don’t really want. That’s why sustainable and eco-friendly gifts are a great idea – they’re good for the planet, less wasteful, and can be more useful.

And with green-friendly living on the rise, you’ll have no trouble buying sustainable presents to suit your loved ones’ lifestyle. You could even opt for a gift card so they can pick their perfect gift for themselves.

Check out our guide to the best sustainable gifts below to inspire you.

1. An air purifier

Air purifiers are a great gift as they feel like a luxury treat, but they’re functional too. With a gift card for Pottery Barn, you can buy air purifiers that remove dust, smoke, and other debris from the home. So your green gift isn’t just great for the planet, it’s good for your health too.

2. A living composter

A living composter is the most eco-friendly way to deal with food waste. It breaks down all the enzymes from your leftovers and food waste to create the most effective natural fertilizer that can be used to help nourish your plants – it’s a win-win. Why not buy yours with a Target gift card.

3. Sustainable clothing

We love to look our best, but clothing is one of the most polluting industries around. That’s why so many of us are making the switch to more sustainable options, including secondhand. With an eBay gift card, you can give the gift of sustainable clothing so they can pick the styles perfect for them.

4. Vegetable seeds

Vegetable seeds will help you get outside, grow your own food, and experience the joy of nourishing your own plants. It’s great for the planet, and for your soul too. With a Busy Beaver gift card, you can pick your favorite veg to grow and top up your gardening set while you’re at it.

5. A travel mug

Can’t get through the morning without your daily coffee? Instead of throwaway cups, invest in a travel mug. With a Starbucks gift card, you can buy a reusable travel coffee cup. So you can rep your favorite brand while saving the planet, one caffeine hit at a time.

6. Stainless steel straws

Stainless steel straws not only save the world from plastic pollution, but they’re far more enjoyable to sip a drink through than paper alternatives. They are sturdy and easy to clean, and you can even pop one in your bag when you’re heading to the bar. Buy yours with a gift card from Crate and Barrel.

7. A solar-powered phone charger

A phone charger powered by the sun saves on electricity and will save you if you get caught out with no battery while you’re out. With a Cabela’s gift card, you can buy your own handy charger so you won’t find yourself stuck without cell charge – or charging sockets – again.

8. Plants

Plants look lovely, they’re the perfect gift to show you care, and they help the planet by producing oxygen. Plus they’re literally green, so what better eco-friendly gift is there? Choose your favorite with an 1800 Flowers gift card.

9. A Nixon Light-Wave Watch

The Nixon Light-Wave Watch is made with recycled ocean plastics and charges using solar power – you can’t say greener than that. It’s also a perfectly stylish gift for the eco-friendly yet fashion-conscious. Buy yours with a Bloomingdale’s gift card.

10. Reusable sandwich bags

Store your leftovers, take your food to lunch, and clean them when you’re done. Reusable sandwich bags don’t just save on single-use plastics, they save on food waste too. They’re the perfect handy present for your green-living friend and can be purchased with a Wayfair gift card.

Send gift cards for the environmentally-friendly

With Kroger finding the perfect gift for your eco-friendly friend isn’t so difficult. From watches to worm composting, there’s a present to suit all tastes and sustainability levels. And with more and more brands angling their collections towards eco-living, you’ll have no trouble shopping for planet-saving presents in our gift card mall.

So whoever you’re shopping for, get them the perfect sustainable gift: a gift card so they can choose exactly what they love – no waste guaranteed.