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10 Best Gift Ideas for Employees

Buying gifts for employees to celebrate their hard work and successes is one of the most rewarding parts of owning a business. From birthdays and engagements, to farewell gifts and maternity leave, plus everything in between, there’s always something to celebrate at work.

Here are 10 amazing gift ideas for employees that are sure to impress.

1. A pamper gift box

Whether you buy one ready-made or let them make their own with favorite pieces from stores like Bath & Body Works, few things say 'thanks for your work' like a pamper gift box. Help them get a little R&R in the comfort of their own home with a personalized pamper gift box they can choose with a gift card.

2. A family day out

Spending quality time with family is the perfect way to relax away from work. Kids will love a day trip to the zoo, with the chance to see an amazing range of animals from across the globe.

There’s plenty for adults to enjoy, too, with on-site restaurants, live animal shows and a great chance to take some unforgettable family photographs with the animals.

3. A tasty meal

Taking them out for lunch or dinner is always a great gift idea for employees. With so many places offering amazing gift cards, whether they love a juicy steak, sizzling burgers or fresh-out-of-the-ocean fish, they won’t be disappointed. Red Lobster is a favorite for those who love fresh seafood, while LongHorn Steakhouse serves up American classics that they’re sure to love.

4. Plants

Brighten up a workspace with a new plant or bouquet of flowers. The benefits of having a plant in your workspace range from cleaner air to a boost in creativity. Whether you go for an artificial plant that will last forever with no watering necessary, or a specially arranged bouquet of fresh flowers, you can give their desk a pop of color.

5. The perfect vacation

Who doesn’t love jetting off on vacation? Whether it’s a present for newlyweds about to go on their honeymoon, or the perfect way for someone to kickstart their retirement, travel-themed gifts really help to reduce the expensive cost of a dream getaway. Help them enjoy their time off with contributions towards weekend getaways, once-in-a-lifetime adventures or round-the-world cruises.

6. Favorite coffee blends

Every office has at least one coffee connoisseur. If you know who that is, then gifting them their favorite coffee beans can be a great way to show them you recognize them and their efforts in the office. Places like The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf offer a wide range of blends to suit every taste.

7. Sweet desserts

The perfect gift when you’re not quite sure what to buy someone is a tasty, sweet treat. Who can resist fresh donuts, indulgent chocolate or a sugary selection of colorful candy? From enjoying decadent desserts with a loved one at the Cheesecake Factory, to stocking up on goodies for the kitchen cupboards, tasty treats will always be well received in the workplace.

8. Champagne

What's a celebratory toast without a few bubbles? A fancy bottle of champagne to share with the team, or even to take home and share with their loved ones. is a great gift to show employees how much you value their work.

9. A romantic night out

Whether it's a night out at the theater, a bar, or a romantic meal for two, giving employees a gift voucher for date night is a great gift. It gives them a chance to spend some quality time with their special someone and means they can celebrate their professional success with those who matter most to them.

10. A spa day

A relaxing massage, nourishing body scrub or rejuvenating facial are great ways to reward a much-appreciated employee. What better way to unwind after a long week at work than with a tranquil trip to a day spa? Any employee will love taking a dip in the pool, relaxing in the sauna and having a little ‘me time’ with an indulgent spa day treat.

Send employee gift cards

Your employees are what makes your business tick. Pulling together great gifts for your employees is a fantastic way to show them how much you appreciate the time and effort they put into their work. Whether it's something they can share with the team, or something they can take home and enjoy with their loved ones, you'll find the perfect gift using Kroger Gift Cards.

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