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10 Best Couple Gift Ideas

Couple eating meat and cheese platter

Relationships are filled with important milestones – from first dates and engagements right through to weddings, babies and anniversaries.

But when you’re thinking about what to gift a couple to celebrate, it’s difficult to know where to begin.

Our gift cards for couples are an amazing way to treat the special people in your life, whether they’re family or friends. We’ve compiled a list of the ten best gift card ideas for couples – so you’re ready for any occasion.

1: Cheeseboard

A cheese board is the perfect idea for couple that love to host. They can use it for years to come – whether for a dinner party with friends, a family meal or a romantic date night together.

A Macy’s gift card will give them a range of stylish cheeseboards to choose from, which suits their home decor perfectly.

2: Ice cream maker

Treating people with a sweet tooth? An ice cream maker lets them create their favorite frozen desserts at home. It’s a good choice for families, too.

Wayfair gift cards let the lucky couple pick the right ice cream maker – from premium machines to compact models and even budget-friendly options.

3: Movie night

Movie nights are another excellent choice – whether you’re heading for the local theatre or just for the couch. Treat them to a night with Hollywood’s finest on you.

A Cinemark eGift card lets your couple choose from a range of theaters. If they’re home movie buffs, buy them a bunch of candy, chips and their favorite soda, and you’ve got the perfect present. You can also add a Netflix eGift card to create a stress-free night in.

4: Luggage set

A luggage set is a great call for those jet-setting couples who can’t wait to plan their next vacation. Help them getaway in style with luggage that suits them and their taste. From monogrammed, minimalist sets for chic couples to leopard print and options in their favorite color, you can help them find luggage they can’t wait to pick up.

Major department stores are great ways to get something that’ll suit anyone. Try a Macy’s eGift card for your special couple. They’ll find the perfect set for any adventure.

5: A coffee machine

Whether a simple drip filter or a full-on espresso device, a coffee machine is an awesome couples’ gift card idea for coffee lovers. Some models can be expensive, so if you know it’s on their wish list, a homeware gift card is a great way to contribute. However, you can also find much more budget-friendly options if you hunt around and keep an eye out for deals.

6: A cookbook

A new cookbook can help them master new techniques, learn new recipes and understand different ingredients together. Perfect for entertaining guests, cooking family meals or making date-night dishes.

You can find wide range of cookbooks at stores like Barnes and Noble. From the latest best-selling food trend to timeless classics, find a cookbook they can cherish and splash with sauce forever.

7: A travel map

Have they been stung with the wanderlust bug? A travel map is a great way to encourage this hobby. There are plenty of options out there, from versions that help them track where they’ve been to ones that make it easier to plan upcoming trips. It’s a creative and thoughtful gift that will help them take their next adventure together.

Browse book stores like Barnes and Noble or online marketplaces like eBay to pick up something special.

8: Fondue set

Who doesn’t love fondue? They say the 80s are making a comeback and these melting pots of cheesy goodness are right at the front of the line. You can shell out on more quality items for committed fondue fans or buy more budget options if you’re not entirely sure if it’s their sort of thing.

Department stores are another good shout for finding the perfect fondue set, but you can also try your favorite home store like Crate and Barrell.

9: Romantic getaways

We all need a change of scenery sometimes, and a romantic getaway is a lovely gift for any couple. Why not get a few of you in on the gift and club together to buy them something special for a big anniversary or birthday? If it’s a bit late to organize that sort of thing, you can contribute to their next getaway with an Airbnb or gift card.

10: Spa treatment

A spa treatment can be a much-needed escape from the pressures of family life or work. But sometimes, it’s just a fun way to unwind. Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for younger or older couples, there’s treatments and packages to suit everyone. Picking something like Spafinder and they’ll be able to find a salon that’s convenient for them and a time that works for both of their schedules.

Send couple gift cards

When it comes to knowing what to buy a couple, it really depends on the occasion.

Think about what they like, what they don’t like, and how a Kroger gift card can help them do the things they love. It’s a thoughtful surprise for any occasion – and gives a lot of flexibility, too.

Remember, with every Kroger gift card you buy, you’ll get fuel points on your shoppers’ card and a range of other rewards.

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