Kroger Corporate Gift Card Program

Looking for Kroger gift cards for your business? We offer Kroger gift cards for bulk purchasing that you can use for corporate gifts or employee incentives. For more information, please find the area that corresponds to your location and call the phone number listed.

800-562-4438 Atlanta, GA
Augusta, GA
Columbia, SC
Savannah, GA

800-294-4438 Cincinnati & Dayton, OH

800-837-4483 Columbus, OH

877-745-7444 Michigan

844-713-3283 Indianapolis, IN
Ft. Wayne, IN
South Bend, IN
Peoria, IL

844-260-2495 Louisville & Lexington, KY

800-488-4438 Memphis, TN
Little Rock, AR
Jackson, MS

800-331-5304 Nashville & Knoxville, TN

800-409-4438 Charleston, WV
Richmond, VA
Roanoke, VA
Raleigh/Durham, NC

800-745-4438 Houston, TX
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX